Legacy Team Video

The videos on this page are  of specific meets.
Unfortunately we don't have every year.
Some files are very large so you may have to be patient.
There are quite a few files. If something does not have a link, it is not ready yet.
You can come back as often as you want to see what new files have been added.

So I can get a handle on what you all are interested in,
and can plan for another Reunion when things settle down, when you get something
(or if you visit and don't), please email me at kenach@gmail.com
and let me know what files, your email and a cellphone for texts.
Hope you enjoy these old videos. I plan to add more so come back again.

K. Achiron
July 17, 2020

1980 PSAL Cities - short takes transferred from Super8

1983 LIC v Edison LIC v Jamaica + additional video

1985 PSAL City Championships

1986 WPIX - Journalism Contest - "Youth Speaks" - showed a bit of gymn class

1986 LIC Invitational

1987 LIC Invitational

1987 Dual Meets - vs. Forest Hills HS, Cleveland HS and Hillcrest HS

1987 Jim Moutafis - PH

1988 LIC Invitational

1988 PSAL City Championships

1989 PSAL City Championships

1991 PSAL Individuals

1992 LIC Invitational

1993 LIC Invitational

1993 PSAL Team Championships

1993 PSAL Individuals

1993 PSAL Individual Events

1993 Ed Scrobe Open

1994 LIC Invitational

1994 LIC v. Cleveland HS

1994 PSAL Team Championships

1994 PSAL Individual Finals

1995 LIC v.  JFK HS

1995 PSAL Team Championships

1998 LIC Invitational

2001 Ed Scrobe Open - HB comes down

2001 Chris Johnson LICINV-FX

2001 Chris Johnson LICINV-PB

2001 Chris Johnson LIC INV-PH

2002 LIC Invitational

2004 NY Invitational

2004 PSAL Championships

2007 LIC vs. DWC

2007 PSAL Individual Finals

2008 LIC Invitational

2008 PSAL Team Championships

2009 LIC vs. JFK

2009 PSAL Team Championships

2009 Ben Antoine Routines

2010 PSAL Individuals

PSAL Judges Practical Video - many LIC Routines

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