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Not sure if it's worth it?  Things are tough right now, money is tight.
Please... take one more minute... to read why you should help us.

We don't train Olympians here, we create adults.

You want Olympians? Visit the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I've been there. They do a great job preparing America's best for international competiton and earning gold medals.

But our mission here is to help our young people become contributing members of society, solid adults with good values, who you would love to have as neighbors. High School sports lay the foundation for a successful lifetime. Help us reach our goals.

Here's why you should help us:

  • We are about retrieval.  Every year we manage to turn around a few whose grades were plummeting, or behavior sent them away, and bring them back so they eventually graduate.
  • We are about academics. Even the weakest academic kids here learn about tangents, gravity, structure and support, vectors, forces, etc, complimenting their math and science classes.
  • We are about learning and working together. There is more structure in sport than anywhere else in today's society. Without a doubt learning to handle structure here has turned many around and made them able to be successful within our complex society.
  • We are about growing up healthy. We teach about getting stronger safely, without drugs, and losing weight the right way, so it stays off  while creating a healthy person.
  • Sport is special. Sport teaches young people not only to work together, but sees through color, race, ethnicity and any other division. Students here get judged only on their ability and their work product. And they carry that lesson over to how they work with others throughout their life. Students learn about accountability and living within the rules.

We need your help to continue as we have - providing not only a top-notch educational program but a safe one also. A safe and healthy sports programs is expensive and the City has cut back. All money raised goes toward the program. Salaries are paid for by the Department of Eduction, NYC. Even this website is paid for through a donation so that your money will go towards the actual program.

Okay, ready to decide now?
Aren't you glad you took the extra minute to read this page also?

Donate Now!

Help us maintain the program. Donate Today. Use your credit card to make a donation to our Athletic Development Fund.

 (Piryx is an online company that will handle the transaction, including credit cards, without our needing an expensive merchant's credit card account.)


Donate Now!

For further information about our programs or this website, you can contact us at this email address.

LICHS Athletic Development Fund
Ken Achiron, Chair

Long Island City High School
1430 Broadway
Long Island City, NY 11106

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